527 isn’t What Matters

Direct response to Gregg’s post titled “Bush and Condemning the Attack Ads“. IMHO, Gregg is right: It’s a fucking brilliant strategy.

By denouncing across-the-board all 527s, the (w) can summarily dissociate himself from the Swift Boaters’ attack on Kerry (which is quickly falling apart with facts, as he implies) while, at the same time, acerbically condemn MoveOn.org and other anti-Bush movements and their efforts in one broad stroke.

It’s pure fucking genius.

“… it just reeks of Rove.” Call outs, though:

Found via Eschaton.

The Kerry/Edwards camp could very well fashion a viable campaign by simply exposing, publicizing (or push-polling) the contradictions of (w)’s hypocrisy… if only people paid attention (an unrealistic and inconceivable expectation of the American populace)… but that would only result in the all-consuming, defensive stance that Rove et al really want.

It’s a conundrum to a certain extent: Defend or attack without attacking?

God forbid you attack the incumbent–if not-democratically-elected–POTUS. You might be branded as un-American (the “Communist” label doesn’t work anymore) and placed on one watch list or another… or, for fuck’s sake, considered a terrorist for having a motherfucking opinion as to the well-being of our nation… all the while loving our armed-forces and troops for their commitment to the aforementioned well-being of our nation.

You’re still a threat.

This shit has truly become Orwellian.

The Kerry/Edwards camp needs to attack, in every way possible, (current events inclusive) to get the Ashcroft/Cheney/(w) camp reeling on its heels. Play Rove’s own game against him, but do your homework first. Don’t get bitten in the ass in a rush to properly phrase a press release based on shaky intelligence (think Iraq). Fuckin’ throw that grenade out there. Like Bob Dole did (fucking hypocrite).

Just make sure your grenade doesn’t hit a tree and cause a self-inflicted wound, m’kay?

Get your shit straight, impenetrable, and feed them their own vomit.