Jaxx Suxx… But… Maybe… Or Not?

Yup, Jaxx. According to their website… this Friday, 8/27, Superjoint Ritual and Devildriver are playing [saw them there before].

However, at the Lacuna Coil [get flash or suffer through their shitty alternate site], Devildriver and even MTV websites, all signs point to “Fuxx Jaxx, we’re playing at Ottobar in Baltimore”. (Superjoint‘s was down for a bit, but now doesn’t even list an 8/27 tour date)

BUT, over at the Ottobar website, Friday night’s line-up is: Lamb of God, Atreyu, Every Time I Die & Unearth. This claim is substantiated by tour date listings on Lamb of God’s shitty-as-lacuna-coil website, Atreyu’s website, and Every-whatthefuckever’s website, which even kinda’ mentions an Ottobar fiasco.

Point being: Are Superjoint and Devildriver going to be at Jaxx on Friday or what, you inconsistent whores? This may or may not majorly affect my ability to help Gregg move way early on Saturday morning.

Update: I called the attendant mouth-breather over at Jaxx (703-569-5940), and he said the show was on and confirmed. Tickets are indeed available through your local rapist monopoly, so I’ll take that as an “It’s on, bitchez!”

Gregg: Please only make me load up light shit?

Thank fucking [gawd] that Morbid Angel isn’t going to be anywhere near Springfield, VA on Friday. Those guys fucking blow. (My attempt to draw more inane insults and berration from rabid Morbid Angel fans like my last post did. For the sake of Google: Morbid Angel Fucking Sucks! Bring it, dullards.)


3 thoughts on “Jaxx Suxx… But… Maybe… Or Not?

  1. You know you don’t have to move anything. There are exactly 3 items that I know will require more than 1 person to move and of those only 1 is heavy: the table and kitchen thingee is just big, not heavy.

  2. I’m more concerned about my ability to wake up and get to your place by “something like 9am or even earlier” given that Jaxx is around the corner from Erin’s place and I might could parlay some designated driver action… which could very well preclude my ability to get up anytime before 2pm.

  3. Which is why I could get a seriously hairy eyeball if I say, “Honey I’m going to go drinking the night before the move”.

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