Making up for Lost Time

The closing on the place went as expected: They needed more than the amount of the cashiers’ check, of course… but that wasn’t an issue, due to the now-justified transfer (no longer the over-transfer). Various checks will clear in the meantime, with plenty of wiggle room, regardless of the order of check clearing.

I didn’t get to sleep in, as I’d hoped. I woke up earlier than when I normally do to get to work. It was almost like I had a flight to catch. Get up way too early, make sure all my shit’s packed, go over it again, bounce off the walls for an hour… and–for the love of Christ–don’t be late, asshole. This shit is important, yo.

That whole crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls thing… I inherited from Dad.

Only thing left to do now is move in… which isn’t happening anytime soon. My move-in is contingent (not contractually) on M&L finding their new place. With a fresh [lots of money] in their bank account, they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want.

And, I’m going to hire movers, so don’t offer to help. You bastards.

On the anthropomorphizing tip: Hurricane Charley decided to spare my immediate family this past weekend. Mom, Chico & Amie + dogs, Danielle, Corey & Ginessa (all in the Tampa area) didn’t have to deal with his bullshit much. I expected the remnants of both Bonnie and Charley to fuck us up here in DCMetro with tons of rain over the weekend, thanks to that stationary front we’ve been dealing with for five days. But, we ended up in the clear.

I haven’t called Nick & Denise in Orlando yet, so there’s still the possibility that Charley fucked someone I know and love, though.

One last smoke. Cup, Sharyn, Cup. Bed.


2 thoughts on “Making up for Lost Time

  1. Congrats on the closing (hope you retain possession sooner rather than later.) I’ll give you the advice my cousin Nels gave me when I first moved into my place: “Once all the furniture is in place and your shit is unpacked, start drinking and get really hammered. Then turn off all the lights and stumble around in the dark to figure out where the furniture and whatnot is. This is a valuable lesson that will bear repeating more often than you think.”

    Found this this morning regarding Charlie:

  2. Do you have enough stuff to justify movers? Other than the TV and bed I figured it would be more or less like me: one or two trips w/ a pickup. Or do you have more stuff than I realize?

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