Full Metal (Homebuying) Jacket

Regardless of what’s on TV… broadcast, analog or digital cable, almost all available movie channels included: If “Full Metal Jacket” is on, I will watch it. While never having personally served in the armed forces, I know a shitload of people who have, some in the Corps; I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of them.

Good: Cash outlay for closing on the townhouse tomorrow (at 11am, I get to sleep in!) is considerably less than I expected.
Bad: The amount wire-tranferred from the interest-bearing account to the basic, bullshit checking account was way over the mark.
Bad: After getting the Certified Cashiers’ Check for the lesser amount, the closer at the title company said he wasn’t altogether sure that actual cash outlay wouldn’t be more.
Good: Title company will accept a personal check for the possible extra thousands after-the-fact… which would justify the over-transfer, if necessary.
Bad: Regardless… taxes must be paid all around.

Good: There will be a magic show at 0930.
Bad: Your ass belongs to the Corps.

I love this movie.