The “Do Not” Example

wireless.gifAs you can see, there are now three idiots in my apartment building who have unprotected, unencrypted wireless networks with published SSIDs.

I can only hope that the one guy that chose to change his SSID from the factory default isn’t the bassist rhythm guitarist from some guy‘s former band.

Then again, how much do you wanna’ bet that the other two idiots haven’t changed their wireless routers’ admin passwords either?

If I was an asshole with no morals or ethics… Then again, my Mac doesn’t have an Airport card; nor does it have a battery.

2 thoughts on “The “Do Not” Example

  1. I fucking knew that, too. My bad.

    I guess my lack of tolerance for Amadeus and Beavis required too many beers back in the day… so remembering the Vitae era with any accuracy isn’t that easy anymore.

    That’s such a lame excuse. Post is fixed.

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