We Hate You, but You Help Us

I find it ironic, and not in a funny way, that a certain, “loose network” of people who despise Western culture and ultimately wish to destroy it… have no qualms about using technology invented and refined by the Western culture to coordinate attacks in pursuit of its downfall. Satellite phones and, now more than ever, the Internet. Call it “martyrdom by way of convenience”, I suppose.

Article: “Al-Qaeda cyber terrorist panics US” over at El Reg.

Don’t give me any of that “by whatever means necessary” bullshit. If these assholes are going to inflict the harshest kind of fundamental-slash-dogmatic rhetoric upon the world to justify their zealotry, then I suppose that their gestalt “word of god” doesn’t address hypocrisy? How is that possible?


One thought on “We Hate You, but You Help Us

  1. There’s nothing about using modern convenience; its not hypocritical. It’s just the disruptive nature of it. A quick example would be, there’s nothing wrong with TV to the radical Muslim, but it better not have one milliwatt of output during Friday prayers. The Amish have the same essential view: technologies that bring the community together are allowed, and those decided to be divisive are shunned. I mean, if al Qaeda took over tomorrow, you can bet your ass their armies would be armed with guns. It’s not like they’d say, “well job done, time to keep it real and stick to swords”.

    It really isn’t by whatever means so much as, “once we’re in charge this shit is getting regulated but good”. Which is the difference. It’s almost fascist, as opposed to radical or fundamentalist.

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