Positive Feedback?

Back on May 5, 2004, I emailed the syndication department at Salon. Problems with their RSS feed were manifold. Some entries had no descriptions or blurbs at all. Others would link to individual pages with no formatting, branding or advertising (not nec. a problem, but something they certainly didn’t intend).

Tonight, I noticed the feed had only 11 headlines (items) instead of the regular 35-40. Even better, all of them had little blurbs attached to them that actually told you the subject matter of the cute little headlines they’d chosen. I think they may still be working on hammering out the details of it (evidenced by a line preceding their XML version declaration: “umm: use qry_getRow or qry_getOne”).

At least they’re moving forward in effort to provide a valuable service to those of us who pay for it.

Update 7/19/04 @ 7pm: I guess I spoke too soon… as their feed is back to being shitty today after work. [me shaking my head in dismay]