8-Ball Followup

The “Grand Homebuying Expedition” proceeds at an expected pace. Note the reckless abandon of the subject AND predicate rule in the remaining sentences. The “I” (read: Gary) is implied.

Put the contract down last night. Got hella-lower interest rates last night (patience and/or uncontrollable procrastination may yet prove to be a virtue, my friends). Closing date: Thursday, August 12, 2004. Kinda’ wanted it to be Friday the 13th, but the sellers didn’t want it… for some reason.

Hooked up the Homeowners’ Insurance action today. Still waiting for the “Loan Package” to arrive from the lender. Still don’t know how much cash I’ll have to drain from the retirement fund to knock out the closing costs. Up to now, said retirement fund has been fully-employer-funded, so what the fuck am I bitching about?

Addressing the comments from the initial post:

Matt: If work spontaneously decides to open a Denver office (pretty un-fucking-likely), we should talk, bro. Root for the Avs? Why would I ever do that when I could root for the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning?

Jini: There wasn’t a “no men for you” clause in your contract. Hint: Hyde Park… Tampa… not a lot of single, heterosexual males in your blast radius, honey. Now that you’re living out in the boonies, you’d be better off picking the guy with the most teeth.

Gregg: The only remaining question is: Are you going to be inside or outside the Beltway? Or, for those of you outside the DC metro area: Are you going to turn into a Washingtonienne or keep it real with the rest of us suburban cast-offs? [redacted upon request]


2 thoughts on “8-Ball Followup

  1. The place is on Gallows, at the intersection of Gallows, Arlington Blvd (Rt 50) and the Beltway. (Or, take 236 to Hummer, then, um, “go down” Hummer to Gallows). I think it’s technically inside the Beltway, but it’s only 6 miles from my house, now, and the zip code is only 1 higher.

  2. Uh, thanks, Gary. I’ll look out for the guys with the teeth…and make sure I find one with a hella huge truck with gigantic tires. That’s always sexy.

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