Thing with the Thing

Libya came to see the light because of the bullshit in Iraq? Grasp grasp grasp, scarecrow made of straw. Fucking idiot. If The Administration had any fucking clue about foreign policy, they’d realize that Iraq had nothing to do with Libya’s media-spotlighted about-face.

Do you have a belt-driven watch? Me neither. If it didn’t cost thousands (and thousands) of dollars, you could bet your ass that I would. That shit is just so totally cool.

Cool science: Your brain and how it defines your “personal space“. Sure, I’m a science geek anyway, but the can-of-worms this NYTimes article seems to open intrigues the hell out of me.


2 thoughts on “Thing with the Thing

  1. I (and IMHO all thinking peoples) am of the opinion that containment did Libya in; they’re just playing the PR game with the West, now.

    Give ’em time, though. They’ll be back with the pronouncing-fatwa-against-the-infidel in no time, right after the radicals declare Quaddaffi apostate and start blowing up the shores of Tripoli.

    Yeah OK it was the Shah who did the fatwa. So sue me.

  2. My point exactly. Libya is playing the U.S. b/c “the trade embargos and whatnot work so well” whereas the (w) points at Quadaffi’s Libya as a positive result of the invasion/occupation of Iraq. It’s a self-perpetuating downward spiral lubed with bullshit that nobody (in power) is willing to admit.

    I call for a steel-cage-match. Quadaffi versus Cheney, no holds barred. Relegate that shit to public access cable where it belongs.

    *WHEW* Got caught up for a sec… now what’s *really* important?

    Nothing except for that cool fucking belt-driven watch, yo.

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