Magic 8-Ball

All signs point to “yes”.

After speaking with my accountant, discussing the situation with The Foof, consulting my girlfriend (Erin), running the numbers for myself (now versus then, average and worst-case each), and seeking reassurance from Erin (again) and my brother and my sister-in-law and my friend (Mom was unavailable)…

I’ve decided to buy a townhouse. The best townhouse I could ever find for the price in Northern Virginia; it’s immaculate to a “T” and pretty much rules the Fucking Earth.

I’m taking the leap… and I’m fucking excited.

The only misgiving I have about the entire process is making the sellers and our agent wait so long for the answer. The answer is “yes, let’s fucking do it… where do I sign?”

Do I have to sign in blood?


4 thoughts on “Magic 8-Ball

  1. At my closing I think I signed away the rights to my penis, a kidney and my firstborn child. Still, best thing I ever did. Something to be said for money to be going to a mortgage instead of some evil, souless landlord. Plus the tax writeoff on the interest is delicious.

    Since my girlfirend and I are moving in together, I’m selling my townhome. If you’re interested in moving to Denver and rooting for the Avs, I’ll cut you a sweet deal.

  2. I didn’t sign in blood for mine but I’m sure it’s why I’m single to this day. There must have been a “no men for you” clause in there somewhere to get the phat Hyde Park Condo for so freakin’ cheap.

    Congrats, Gary.

  3. Where is it, what’s the timeframe, etc?

    In other housing news: I’m almost certainly going to sign a lease on a place (on Gallows near the 495/95/66 interchange on Arlington Blvd) Saturday. [redacted upon request]

  4. As Matt said best: “the money will be going towards a mortgage, instead of some evil, souless landlord”… Welcome to homeowner-ship, BIRTCH!!!!! I know you’ll be listening to In Flames, “Colony” while you’re moving in.

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