The spanky XServe got delivered late this afternoon.

For a fleeting moment, I thought it was like Xmas for me… a new toy! (that will ultimately vault our company to the model of reliability and efficiency, of course)… until I had to carry that fucker upstairs.

It must weigh 60 pounds with all that packaging and documentation. The chassis itself weighs in at only 37 pounds according to Apple’s Tech Specs.

Apple’s a bunch of fucking liars. Regardless of my score on your Gary’s-a-pussy-o-meter, that’s a hefty 1U server (1U = 1.75 inches tall, for those of you not familiar with the “U” measurement).

Oh, yeah, it’s also 35 fucking feet long. I’m going to have to get creative (space-wise and air-flow-wise) if it’s going to fit anywhere in our server closet.

God, I love my job.