Kinda’ Late News Round-Up

Iraqi sovereignty. Yeah, whatever (fake but funny). Liars (free reg. req’d. and an op-ed at that). Did US-led-“coalition” soldiers die today? Yup. Is my uncle at home? Nerp.

Apparently, troops from Poland have discovered “warheads” laced with deadly, chemical agents (suffer through ads, or absorb the spin). A little late for the party, huh, guys? Then again, it’s predictably played up for The Party (GOP). Judge the voracity/veracity of this recent find for yourself. I think it’s too little, too late… and last-ditch, straw-grasping news fodder. They’re all rusted and shit; they’re more a local/environmental issue for Iraqi citizens than an “imminent threat” of gravity which precipitates the US-led-occupation of the recently-sovereign country… that we occupy.

Bill Cosby is at it again, dressing down the “black community”. Is he right? Yes. Are you black and pissed off about it? That’s up to you, and you need to pull your head out of your ass. If you have problems with that last statement, hit me back in the Comments or email me directly, and we can argue about how NOT racist (or NOT reverse-racist) I am, m’kay? Sure, my tack is inflammatory to a certain extent.

Finally, shit that doesn’t matter: The majority of people in the US are willing to pay higher taxes (suffer) if their contribution to the country/state/locality bankroll equates to some sort of traffic congestion relief. Fucking please. The story quotes people from Williston, FL (I kinda’ grew up in Florida… where the FUCK is Williston? Nowhere near a metropolitan area.); Copiague, NY (? Manhattan, I guess… you kinda’ win); Franklin, IN (?? kinda’ near Indianapolis); and, Mooresville, NC (??? that much further north from Charlotte). Note the glaring lack of quotes from people who live in/around/near/somewhere-at-least-fucking-close to LA or DC, the two-most-traffic-choked cities in America. Pussies.


One thought on “Kinda’ Late News Round-Up

  1. Copiague is on Long Island.

    They’ve got that old-fangled POS known as the Long Island Expressway… amongst other overly congested expressways and parkways. Then again, even if Copiague were in Manhattan, I’d say, why the fuck do you have a fucking car in Manhattan.

    I digress.


    pointless comment.

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