Spanky Server 1.1

Spanky Server 1.1 was installed yesterday. Yay.

Despite some initial DNS configuration problems, everything seems to work just fine. So, [the companies] now enjoy the security and convenience of a newly installed, fully updated and patched web and mail server.

I didn’t really do anything. After suffering through the multiple, unsuccessful Mandrake installs, one of the guys at work stepped up and built a solid Debian box, and installed the necessary packages. He did most of the configuration, too.

I helped sporadically with configuration “theory” stuff, which kind of makes me feel like an asshole… like I was some kind of micro-manager or something.

These hostnames get virtual IPs; yeah, we need PHP support in Apache; these people get shell accounts, these accounts get only mail, both sets are mutually exclusive; here’s that packet-filtering firewall I wrote last year; here’s all the config files from the old box. Oh, yeah, when you’re done, teach me how to administer all the new packages so I don’t have to bother you with it in the future. Thanks.

Those who can, do. Those who cannot, admin the box they couldn’t build.