To-Do List

Grouped for your convenience.

Notice strange things afoot with regard to ancient Server 1
Purchase completely uninstallable server software to replace ancient Server 1
Waste US$809
Wait two weeks from the date of online purchase to receive aforementioned completely uninstallable software
In the meantime, allow rootkit installation on ancient Server 1
Babysit completely unstable ancient Server 1 until spanky Server 1.1 can be deployed
Give up on hoping that completely uninstallable server software will prove otherwise
Get someone at work to build and configure spanky Server 1.1 because you’re too inept to do it yourself
Deploy spanky Server 1.1

Periodically ignore (now) obvious signs of dying HDD on critical Server 2
… to the point of multiple early-morning phone calls (home and cell) on various dates due to prior negligence
Periodically waste thousands of corporate dollars in lost productivity due to critical Server 2 downtime
Order dual-processor 2MHz G5 XServe with 1GB RAM, 2x250GB HDDs and extended hardware warranty
Get a good deal on spanky XServe
Receive shipment of spanky XServe
Deploy spanky XServe
Replace critical Server 3 with functionality afforded by spanky XServe
Port critical data on Server 4 to use an actual, real-life relational database (think Pinocchio)
Replace critical Server 4 with functionality afforded by spanky XServe

Finish terrain database interface Zope-ification before Monday
Design, get approval of, and send magazine advertisement artwork before Tuesday
Finish interim software documentation updates damn soon

Go to Orlando for favorite cousin’s wedding celebration
Take photos of favorite cousin’s wedding celebration
Post said photos on your stupid website (here)
Stay up too late writing this bullshit to-do list

Damn… I’ve got a lot of shit to do.


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  1. It could be worse, I do my TODO in OmniOutliner, so not only do I get check boxes and stuff, I get *multiple layers* of insanity.

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