Worth Thinking About

If you’re not a Salon Premium subscriber, please suffer through the Visa advertisement to gain the One Day Pass (click the “Enter Salon Premium” link… not Visa’s “Learn More” link)… and read this five-page analysis of the effects of anti-American sentiment around the world.

After doing the Visa song-and-dance, you might be kicked back to the Salon homepage; look for the link entitled “America’s blankness” and click on it.

Of course, this post of mine linking to yet another Salon article is completely self-serving. I’ve been drunkenly yelling about this shit for years, but Stephen Holmes says it all better than I ever could. And, I assume, he was sober when he penned it.

2 thoughts on “Worth Thinking About

  1. okay….haven’t read all of it…but so far, yeah, right on. I’ve been also rambling about the same stuff…not drunk, but also not as eloquent.

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