The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good
A story in the Washington Post [free registration required], Va., Firm Sign Pact On Dulles Rail Line, says that my longtime dream of Metro rail service out to Dulles (or at least Reston) may be inching closer to reality. Various municipalities in Northern Virginia have summarily rejected business district tax hikes to help fund Metro rail extensions over the past year. And–if local news provides a valid litmus test–the extension proposal(s) have foundered to the point of dissolution. Or maybe not. Over the last year, the State and a private business partnership have been negotiating a possible alternative to the previous local/state/federally-funded props. Yesterday, they signed a US$45M contract for the first phase: preliminary engineering.

The Bad
The (w) continues to be a complete tool. After Ronald Reagan’s family, John Kerry and 57 other Senators (the majority, as there are only 100 Senators) asked him to relax restrictions on stem cell research [my prev. rant], the (w) said “nope” [AP via KSDK]. This is just the latest episode in the ongoing drama where the (w) and his religious beliefs dictate policy at the expense of scientific research (not to mention progress).

The Ugly
The Virginia Department of Health will start a campaign this month reminding bar patrons to not have sex with underage girls. See Stern Warning on Sex With Minors at the Post [free registration required]. Their tack will see napkins, coasters, flyers and posters appear where men drink beer. [hardcore rhyming action] Now… I was going to ask, “Is this really necessary?” But, obviously, it is. I mean… c’mon… it is Virginia, regardless of how close to DC we are. Personally, I don’t have a problem with my tax dollars helping to fund this campaign if it’ll keep a 15-year-old from hatching a kid. For the record: my girlfriend is 29.