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Hrm. Back in the day the (w) and The Administration outright jettisoned any concept of multilateral cooperation w/ regard to the Iraq situation. They basically said, “Fuck you, we’re going in without you. We don’t need you, so again, fuck you.”

Nowadays, the (w) and company are lauding the unanimous passing of the latest United Nations resolution as “a great victory for the Iraqi people” [CNN]. Pushing the only-recently-pliable bounds of the cabal’s foreign policy envelope, the (w) now wants NATO to do more in Iraq [CNN].

Last I checked, NATO stood for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” and represented a multinational group dealing with the well-being of North America and Europe created under the shadow of the Eastern Bloc (read: USSR/Communism) back in 1949. What the hell does that have to do with Iraq?

It’s not the Middle Eastern Treaty Organization, or METO. But the (w) always seems to find a way to inject his Administration’s “me” into everything. Shit. To them “US” doesn’t mean “United States”, it means, quite literally, “us”… those in the Administration. All conjugation aside.

Now we hear that the White House lawyers have been mapping out an escape plan for the (w) since March (or before) if ever somebody tries to hold him (the (w)) accountable for prisoner torture (cross-reference: Abu Ghraib, Gitmo) . Download the PDF file from the Wall Street Journal [link courtesy TPM] to read all the legalese. Alternately, here’s the upshot: they say that (w) can do whatever he wants outside the Constitution and other core American policies and laws simply because he is the president (capitalization reserved for deserving individuals). Uh… what the fuck?

Check out the civics lesson [link courtesy Atrios] and ongoing discussion.

Oh, yeah… I almost forgot. Ronald Reagan died, didn’t he? Who fuckin’ cares? Check out Krugman’s op-ed [free registration required]. It’s glorious. And now, the (w) election campaign (cross-reference: wasn’t elected the first time) is trying to cash in on the misplaced, GOP-fed-media-feeding-the-rest-of-us Reagan nostalgia. Even Ronnie Junior takes issue with that bullshit.

Last thought: Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for the (w)/Zombie Reagan ticket in November [via MeFi or boingboing, your call].

I bet y’all wish the hockey season wasn’t over yet, huh?


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