Lord Stanley’s Cup

Finds a home in a most unexpected location: Tampa, Florida. Home of the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning.
Naysayers shut the fuck up. Long-time fans, one-time fans, timely bandwagoneers… I don’t give a shit: rejoice.

I teared up when Dave Andreychuk skated with the Cup. And Marty.

Conn Smythe: Brad Richards. Deservedly.

Fuckin’ almighty what a phenomenal sight to see. I’m fucking THRILLED that my brother and sis-in-law were there to see the Bolts win the Cup in person. So awesome.

Too bad they didn’t win in six games, though. Shit, I suck at predicting playoff hockey. Recognize the mad 10 minute Google search Photoshop skillz, bitchez!


4 thoughts on “Lord Stanley’s Cup

  1. My only regret was that you were not here to experience this night with us. You are a true fan from “back in the day” and you deserved to be here. On the plus side….mucho swag is coming your way!

    Next stop: Parade-ville! Pics to follow.

  2. Yo! If I can sneak away, I will SO be at the parade today. Chico: Lisa and I were scanning the crowds for you.

    My lucky seat at Winner’s is still intact. Go Bolts!

    Gary, you’re such a softy…tearing up at Dave’s cup. Aww. [whisper]I did, too.[/whisper]

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