Game Six is Tonight

I was happy to see Lecavalier and Kubina on the ice during the Bolts’ losing effort last Thursday night (Game Five). But, fucking Ruslan Fedotenko? I almost pissed myself! What a trooper, that kid. Too bad they all played for crap.

Is it me or is Frederik Modin pissing you off, too? Get the puck while in good position… instead of shooting it or otherwise bumping it in the direction of the goaltender, wait a really long time in attempt to make the pretty pass and end up fucking your team in the offensive zone. Yeah, he got a goal in G5, but that doesn’t begin to make up for his stalling failures in every other game against Calgary.

Chris Dingman played like a man possessed. Marty Cibak was taking draws? WTF? Marty St. Louis finally scored (in an awesome individual effort, as evidenced by assists to Dingman and Cibak who may not have touched the puck for as long as an hour prior to his around-the-net shenanigans). Richards had 5 shots, none went in, but he got a helper.

You see what happened in Game Five? For the first time in five games against Calgary, the Lightning were inconsistent during the game.

Game 1: Consistently flat
Game 2: Consistently furious
Game 3: Consistently shitty
Game 4: Consistently sucky, pulled out a win
Game 5: Holy crap! They’ve gone bi-polar! Holy crap! They’ve lost spectacularly in overtime. Holy crap… that Jerome Iginla guy’s pretty good after all, huh?

Tonight, they will either lose the Cup to Calgary, or take the series back to Tampa for an ulcer-inducing Game Seven. Let’s Go Lightning!


One thought on “Game Six is Tonight

  1. “Ulcer-inducing”???

    I’m on the Infarction Express and it is racing down the mountain like the semi in the “30,000 pounds of bananas” song.



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