Thunderstorm Outside

At this very moment, the NoVA weather is turning nasty. No tornado warnings or anything like that, but it’s getting a bit exciting. Which only serves to provide an apropos transition.

Thunder is the sound of the rapidly-heated, instantaneously-expanding air around a bolt of… Lightning!(recognize, bitchez)

4-1 Calgary. Shitty, shitty game. 4-1 Tampa. Nice work.

Brad Richards (sixth game-winning-goal of the playoffs! + assist). Martin St. Louis (power-play-goal + assist). Dave Andreychuk (two assists and no bullshit penalties). Vincent Lecavalier (two assists). Ruslan Fedotenko (goal, his fifth in five games). They all deserve the spotlight tonight. I rhyme whenever possible.

I’m done with Nolan Pratt. Fourteen minutes of ice time is fourteen minutes too much.

No limelight, but deserved props: Dmitry Afanasenkov worked it, when he was given the ice time. Kubina worked it, too, with tons of ice time. Alex/Amie: quit hatin’. The entire Bolts defensive effort kicked ass. I stopped counting the number of blocked shots. Nik only saw 19 of those, but there were myriad more that he might have had to play if not for the Bolts’ awesome defensive play.

It’s raining outside, but I don’t mind.

After Find (or) How to be a Journalist: Part II


Uh… Rhett Warrener actually plays for Calgary. That’s the aforementioned, useless Nolan Pratt slapping Donovan in front of the net. Apparently, the Associated Press has some job openings for fact-checkers?

2 thoughts on “Thunderstorm Outside

  1. The Stanley Cup Finals are shaping up nicely. I’m enjoying the anger, the face washes and watching numerous ex-Avalanche players in action (So far I count 7 ex-Avs: On TB there is Dave Andreychuk, Chris Dingman and Nolan Pratt. On Calgary there is Stephane Yelle, Chris Simon, Ville Nieminen and Shean Donovan.) I think the series will go to seven games.

  2. Didja see in the Stillman-Ference fight where Ference ripped off Stillman’s helmet and beat him with it (once) before dropping it?


    (Diety) I love this sport.


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