Let this be Known

Split games in Tampa: Did not specify!


Today, I told the guys at work:

Tampa wins in six. They’ll split the games in Tampa. Bolts take both games while away. 3-1 back in Tampa, and Flames win. Bolts win the Cup in Calgary in Game Six.

The Bolts have a way about them.

Kick their asses (which is what Calgary is doing 3-0 as I type this during 2nd intermission), and they’ll make you pay for it. Cross-reference Philadelphia Flyers.

I hope I’m right.

Afterthought: If the Lightning continue to fall apart with cheap shots and subsequent bullshit penalties (on the Bolts’ part) like they did tonight, then they’ll lose every game against Calgary 4-to-1, and the Flames’ fans in Calgary will be treated to the sweep.