Cup Finals Picks

Not hobbled, it’s too damned important.

SportsNetwork: Bolts in 5
USA Today: Bolts in 6
CNNSI: Bolts in 7
Sportsline: Bolts in 7, 3/4 experts agree
MSNBC: Flames in 6 5 of 6 experts (+1 monkey) pick Flames
Some Crazy Psychic Lady: Flames win

Considering the Bolts have won in four games (Canadiens), five games (Islanders), and seven games (Flyers)… that only leaves one clear choice for me.

Bolts in six.

Hrm… I have a strange sense of deja vu.

2 thoughts on “Cup Finals Picks

  1. The Flames don’t have history on their side. No team that finished lower than 6th place has won the Cup in the last 20 years. Calgary finished 12th. Only 6 underdogs (i.e. finished the regular season lower than the other team) have won in the same time frame, of which all finished higher than 6th place (dur).

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