Calgary Flames

Are going to the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is good for three reasons.

Numero Uno: I love the underdog. Having been a Cubs, Bucs, Lightning fan for so long, how can you blame me?

Numero Dos: If the Bolts make the Finals, and ([deity] forbid) lose… then thank [deity] that it was #6 in the West. Calgary.

Numero Tres: If the Bolts don’t make the Finals, then fuck the Flyers (as always) and go go go you bastards in Calgary. Kill them. Kill kill kill.


6 thoughts on “Calgary Flames

  1. Godspeed Bolts. Calgary is REALLY hungry and they are carrying the weight of their country with them.

  2. “the weight of their country”? Aren’t they from Atlanta? Oh, yeah, now in Canada.

    How much does Canada weigh? I guess here it’s 73% of what it does up there… after the conversion, I mean. :)

  3. Someone kill Philly. I don’t care who. No Flyers *spits* Jesus I’ve climbed on the Tampa bandwagon because FUCK THE FLYERS DAMMIT! Heh.

    don’t tell catherine i said that about tampa ;)

  4. For the record, my response to JF:


    You’re lucky I didn’t have your cell phone number tonight. I was

    half-drunk dialing every Tampa fan I know.

    Dude. Fucking A.

    Oh, yeah… and… FUCK THE FLYERS! :)

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