Fun with Work Emails!

From: Gary Perez <gary.perez@[work].com>
Subject: Re: Email
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 17:51:45 -0400
To: anusporn@[work].com

On May 17, 2004, at 5:22 PM, [dude] wrote:

> Gary –
> Please – don’t ever issue an email address to me that contains “anus” or “porn”.
> Thank you in advance,
> [dude]

anusporn@[work].com is now aliased to [dude]@[work].com

G’head… try it!


2 thoughts on “Fun with Work Emails!

  1. Perhaps off-blog, you could explain how you came to the conclusion that anusporn@ was a good addy.


  2. Gregg: There really is a reasonable explanation as to the circumstances which precipitated [dude’s] email. Check yours for the full story.

    Plus, it couldn’t very well be pornanus@[work].com, could it? Well, in retrospect, “pornanus” may have worked much, much better. Damnit.

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