Evading Accountability through Lying?

JMM of Talking Points Memo carefully points out that yet another contradiction has come to light in the fallout of the Iraqi prison outing, ICRC/Taguba reports. This is turning into The Administration versus the rest of the entire fucking world… including America.

Anyone who reads MMH should already know how I feel about The Administration (motherfucking liars), so I leave it to you to extrapolate my reaction to his post.

Afterthought: Hesiod over at Counterspin points us to this conspiracy theory. I’m not buying it, but it does make me worry about a world of tinfoil-hat-wearing whackos versus dyed-in-the-wool, power-drunk whackos. Where do the rest of us fall? “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” What if I’m neither?


One thought on “Evading Accountability through Lying?

  1. I’m afraid of the “Administration can’t do wrong” wackos who see everything in Iraq as justification to keep going. Americans attack, Iraqis fight back — reason to kill them all! Americans abuse Iraqi prisoners and have been doing it since before January, Iraqis drag mercenaries through streets of Fallujah in April — reason to kill them all and to allow our soldiers to torture tha bastards!

    Now the beheding of Nick Berg continues the philosophy that if they abuse us, we should be fine abusing them back. It’s outrageous!

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