Don’t Worry… It’s Coming

The Clutch show at 9:30 in DC this past Saturday (5/8) was one of the best I’ve seen. I will now gush.

The Bakerton Group (Clutch w/o Neil Fallon) opened on-time at 9pm, and jammed for about 25 minutes. Short but sweet bluesy, jazzy off-beat power chords and kick ass drums. You could tell immediately that the sound was going to rule all night long. None of the shitty audio like at The Norva, but that’s never really been a problem at 9:30.

Clutch came on promptly at 10pm and played two long sets, followed by a brief (2-song?) encore at the end. Again, the sound was simply amazing. You could hear everything Fallon was screaming just as clearly as you could discern the drums, bass, guitar and keyboard (a recent addition which, IMHO, complimented the three-piece seamlessly). Clutch opened with “Mercury”, the first track from their latest, Blast Tyrant; this, in my mind, was the perfect beginning for the whole show.

After that, they flowingly bounced from Blast Tyrant new stuff (12 of 15 songs, by my count) to Clutch staples like… well, almost everything off the Clutch release. Also ran were “Pure Rock Fury” and “Sinkemlow” off, um, Pure Rock Fury, and a couple from The Elephant Riders (“Ship of Gold”, “The Soapmakers”), and probably stuff off Transnational Speedway League, but I wouldn’t know. And, of course, “Impetus”.

Quote of the night goes to Gregg:

I wish someone would teach kids these days what a fuckin’ pit is for.

Apparently, he’s still lamenting the loss.