Premature Ejaculation

Fuck the Flyers.

Taking nothing for granted, however, hopefully the Bolts will make the Cup Finals. If so…

Matt points out that the Calgary boys are scrappy. Hells yes they are, and that scares me.

Alex calls San Jose a runaway freight train. Holy shit, they’re fast… “runaway” being operative… and that scares me.

John picks Calgary to make it through the Western Finals to face my (our?) beloved Lightning. See the above scrappy/scared.

The Flyers are tired. The Bolts are on a run to the Cup, and have been underestimated for the entire season. But, then again, the Sharks and Flames (as teams) have been underestimated for the entire season, too.

It’s sure to be exciting as hell.

I’ll take the Bolts in six (old habits die hard) vs. Philly. San Jose wins in seven vs. Calgary.

That’s it for now.

5 thoughts on “Premature Ejaculation

  1. And fear not, dear readers, Gary will return to the rest of his blogging but you have to understand the passion of hockey fans…

    There is NOTHING like Playoff hockey in Pro Sports…. Where you can get equally pissed off and equally elated with the amount of ineptitude the Referees show from game to game ;)

  2. Why floof, aren’t you the original one that has worthwhile posts to make… What an articulately speaking person you are!

    just another reason why we should all hold out hope for the human race!

    **sarcasm oozing**

  3. Sorry, JF… I gotta’ stick up for my Foofs. She’s from Philadelphia, and really doesn’t give a shit about hockey… except that I hate the Flyers.

    We have fun at Caps/Flyers games when we go, and have a whopping ten dollar bet on the upcoming Finals. Other than that, she was only fucking with me b/c I’m such a stupid hardcore Bolts fan.

    She knows it bothers me.

    You didn’t know The Foof was just a friend fucking with me… and you and I bleed the blue, black and silver… so truce that shit.

  4. FUCK the Bolts

    Thanks Gary. I am a delicate flower and it hurts when someone thinks I am inarticulate and not worthwhile. If I were smart enough I would have defended myself. Thanks for having my back.

    Did I mention FUCK the Bolts

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