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Are you kidding me? Who fucking cares about baseball or basketball this time of year? Answer: Those humans that haven’t yet evolved to the higher intelligence embodied by the National Hockey League playoffs.

Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh. So what?

Last night, the Calgary Flames took out President’s Trophy winner Detroit Red Wings to advance to the Western Conference finals. Good, but bad. Good because I always like the underdog, and because the Wings have been so good for so long, I think it’s a come-uppance of sorts. Bad because Calgary will probably beat the Lightning in the Cup finals if they both make it that far.

Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs lost a hard-fought battle (at least the last 20 minutes of the game) against the Philadelphia Flyers, who advance to the Eastern Conference finals. They will face my beloved Tampa Bay Lightning, who swept the Montreal Canadiens last Thursday. Bad, but good. Bad because I wanted Sean’s Leafs to kick the shit out of the Flyers (I’ve always hated the Flyers, and he was the only reason I got to see the Bolts in Tampa a week ago). Also bad, since I now have cash money riding on the Bolts-Flyers series with The Foof at work. Good because I’d rather the Bolts face Esche in net than Ed Belfour. Sure, Philly’s got a big, strong team… but they’re going to be more worn out than the Bolts (who have had almost a week of rest), and the Lightning have a way of winning despite being outplayed (think games 3 & 4 against Montreal).

Also tonight, the San Jose Sharks downed the Colorado Avalanche to go to the next round against the aforementioned Flames. Bad, but very bad. Bad because I was pulling for Matt. Bad also because the Avs were my last hope of a win in the Cup finals if the Bolts made it that far. Very bad because the Sharks were my pick to win the whole fucking thing before the post-season began. Very bad also because I don’t think the Bolts can win a seven game series against the Sharks… if the Lightning make it that far…

Go Bolts, damnit!


2 thoughts on “NBA and MLB News

  1. Thanks for pulling for the boys, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

    I’m pulling for the Bolts, because I like them and like all good hockey fans I hate the fucking Flyers with every fiber of my being. I’m pulling for Calgary in west because them boys is scrappy.

  2. Detroit deserved to lose. As a team, they were way more talented but were out-worked, out-hustled, and out-hearted (not a word, but you know what I mean) throughout the entire series.

    As far as the Sharks vs. Avs….San Jose was like a runaway freight train against the ‘Lanche, but I believe that the difference in this game was the one person who was not on the ice for the entire series… Patrick Roy. With Roy between the pipes, the Avs were a Juggernaut. Now they are merely just a good team that had a great run for the Cup.

    San Jose in 6.
    In Happy-Lightning-Land Calgary would win, but reality bites (see above reference to Train, Freight).

    Tampa Bay in 5.
    Toronto and Philly just got finished beating the holy hell out of each other, And because the series went so long, Philly now only has 3 days to recover. The Bolts had 2 FULL DAYS OFF, to recharge the mental side, and have since been practicing like the Devil himself is behind the bench. Torts is excellent at conjuring the dark side, if will suit the goals of the team. Hell, I’d sacrifice a chicken or nine if I thought it would help. The Bolts obviously match up against Philly well (see: Sweep, Flyers), but I will give them the pity win, since a second playoff sweep by the Bolts would just be too good to be true.

    No predictions for the Finals…let’s just get there first.

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