Not “breaking news” to anyone that doesn’t live under a rock, there’s a lot of upheaval surrounding the reports about Iraqi prisoners of war receiving, shall we say, less than humane treatment at the hands of American servicemen. [See “Army report documents mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners” at CNN]

And, on the other hand, we’ve seen the Italian prisoner, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, murdered by his captors in Iraq (whether or not they were Iraqi captors isn’t mentioned). [See “Italy hails ‘hero’ murdered hostage” at Reuters UK]

Today, we have the developing story of escaped American prisoner, Thomas Hamill. He was abducted in Iraq after a convoy ambush. It seems that his captors (again, Iraqi or not?) treated the gunshot wound in his arm, supplied anesthesia and medication, and was fed regularly over the course of his three-week detention. [See “American former hostage had regular treatment in Iraq” at Salon]

Americans wonder why the rest of the world (esp. Arab nations) hates America, while in the next breath condemning wholesale the rest of the world (esp. Arabs). This should give them a fuckin’ clue. Too bad the overarching point demonstrated by these three public stories will be ignored by everyone inside America’s comfy, well-protected borders.


One thought on “Ass-Backwards

  1. I don’t think it will be ignored. I know plenty of people who are pissed as hell about it (me included). People should figure out what we can do about it? Is there anything?

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