Real Life and Fake Life

Did I forget to mention that the Bolts swept the Habs?

My bad.

The Eastern Conference Champion Tampa Bay Lightning knocked the historied Montreal Canadiens out of the playoffs last night by winning 3-1. Series’ final tally was Bolts four games, Habs… um… none. Brad Richards scored both game-winning goals in the last two games of Montreal’s post-season effort. And the Lightning were summarily outplayed in both of those games.

That scares me a bit.

Tonight, the Toronto Maple LeaVES beat the Flyers thanks to captain Mats Sundin’s two goals. I’d love for Philly to lose… y’know… just because I hate the Flyers… but maybe those pussy-ass orange losers would be easier to defeat in the Bolts’ pursuit of Cup Finals?

No prediction yet. We’ll have to see how the Flyers and Leafs (not LeaVES… for the Yokes) play out the next two or three games.

Also: Playstation2 NHL hockey action == me killing Jack 8-3. He was the Jagr-laden Pens, and I was the Mike Johnson/Brian Holzinger-laden Lightning (of course). Mike got a hat-trick.

But that’s just vicarious bullshit.

Hrm… my hockey obsession pretty much revolves around vicarious bullshit, doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Real Life and Fake Life

  1. Well, my hockey obsession caused me to purchase Hockey Night: a 1980’s Canadian TV movie. Yeah, I’m way out there right now. Sue me.

  2. And now the Red Wings are gone! SteveY was as integral to that team as Sundin was for the Leafs in games 3 and 4.

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