Borofsky for President

The Foof doesn’t have her own website on which to post things that make her happy, so I’ve been given permission to do so as her proxy.

A couple of days ago, while visiting one of her favorite artist’s website, she noticed that he publishes his personal email address. So, she dropped him a quick note about one of his shows in Philadelphia a while back, and presumably told him how much she likes his work. The Foof is a grounded person, and naturally didn’t expect a response at all.

Today, Jonathan Borofsky emailed her a personal reply thanking The Foof for her kind words, and expressing gratitude that a show of his would have such a long-lasting impression on her. The Foof was extremely happy. So, cheers to you, Mr. Borofsky.

On a related note, I just noticed on his website that Borofsky designed the lightning bolts sculpture outside the Ice Palace in Tampa, which appears in some of my photos from last weekend. The arena has since removed the silhouette figure from beneath the huge steel bolts. So, Mr. Borofsky, because you did the bolts at the Ice Palace: you fucking rule.

Game four (Bolts v. Habs) starts in an hour. Gotta’ get out of here.