Tampa Trip Report

All here. Narration by way of setting up photos.

In other hockey news: The Bolts take 3-0 series lead in Montreal after having been outplayed like mofo’s. Vincent Lecavalier gets a tying goal (stick between his legs) with 16 seconds left, and Brad Richards gets his second goal of the night in overtime (from behind the net, offa’ the goalie!) to squash the Canadiens’ brutal, three-hour onslaught.

The Bolts were either lucky as hell, or merely showed up when they had to.

I’ll fuckin’ take it, regardless.

3 thoughts on “Tampa Trip Report

  1. I’ll take it, too but I’d prefer not to have 50 freakin’ heart attacks in the process.

  2. I had a ticket on the Infarction Express, as well. A lovely seat right on the aisle, in front of the dining car. That first period was like watching MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, but without any of the humor, or the clay, or the celebrities. The Bolts were lucky to escape with the win, and even luckier that no one got hurt.

    But i’ll take it….with a side of jalapeno poppers.

  3. Sounds like a blast, man. I’m really glad you guys could make it out for them. Wish we were there!

    But who knows… if the LeaFs get their shit together and spank The Phlyers …

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