From The Road

Bolts beat the Canadiens 4-0 last night at the Ice Palace (St. Pete Times Forum, whatever). We were all there, and have photos to prove it.

About ten minutes into the game, we landed free seat upgrades from the 3rd level down to the lower bowl, row M. It was awesome.

When I see the Lightning play at the MCI Center in DC, I’m lucky to see one other person in the building with a Bolts jersey on. When I do, I give props. Last night was so weird walking around and seeing almost everyone wearing Lightning jerseys. It struck me as funny. DC has had a team for a long-ass time, but I’ve never seen the city go crazy over hockey the way people do down here in Tampa. It’s fuckin’ great.

Next game is on Sunday. Blue hair, take two!

One thought on “From The Road

  1. Come to Toronto if you want to see insanity. Hell, every home game has been sold out since 1947 here!

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