Bolts Round One

Game 1, April 08, 2004: Lightning 3, Islanders 0
Game 2, April 10, 2004: Lightning 0, Islanders 3
Game 3, April 12, 2004: Lightning 3, Islanders 0
Game 4, April 14, 2004: Lightning 3, Islanders 0

Given the slack-assedness of the Bolts at home, and their spunk away, I’m still sticking with my Bolts in 6 prediction. If they take it in 5 games, then I’m wrong, will pay whatever price lodged against my being wrong, and it will all be gloriously awesome.

Looks like I’m going to have to book a flight to Tampa sometime soon. I hope I haven’t jinxed shit.


One thought on “Bolts Round One

  1. I’m saying your boys are gonna close it out in 5.

    All I ask is you send the “close it out in five” karma to the Avs.

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