My Craw is Stuck

I really don’t much like working with someone that doesn’t test their code (or their changes to it).

In certain areas of “the product”, chunks of code need to be shuffled between a couple different places in the web heirarchy so they’re displayed on what we’ve decided are the “right” webpages to show them. Unfortunately, some of those chunks of (my) code no longer work because of changes to underlying code that have been made by him for whatever short-sighted purpose. They’re not out-and-out broken, mind you (not throwing errors with convoluted tracebacks); they just no longer properly reflect the state of the system.

So instead of getting any real work done, I have to follow the code trail and locate the now-non-operational chunks of (his) code so at least I can have a logical discourse about the changes he’s made, and why he needs to pay attention to the “big picture”.

Weird thing is: he’s a programmer by trade. I’m still learning.

2 thoughts on “My Craw is Stuck

  1. Okay, so Greg gave the boy professional techie answer. I’ll give you the girl non-techie response: Damn, Gary…that totally sucks. What a pain in the ass. I’d be pissed, too.

    Hopefully, between the two of us, we’ve covered all the bases.

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