Various and Sundry

Alternate title: Shit that Came Up within the Last Half Hour.

Bolts clinch the Eastern Conference on the same night that the Wings secure the President’s Trophy. I blame Ottawa. Do the math.

John Gruber’s assessment of Eric S. Raymond’s printer troubles is spot-fucking-on. You can’t be a zealot and an apologist at the same time… and JG takes ESR to task quite properly.

Um… the PowerPod story is full of shit… even moreso than I am at any given moment. First of all, if Apple was going to put that much power into a handheld, why not union the Newton with the iPod and obsolete everything else on the market? I call bullshit. Especially because the “photo” of the PowerPod features screen-capture artifacts that even I could get rid of in Photoshop. Mad skills, yo.

Lastly, who would have ever thought that the Sauds were somehow involved in 9/11? Yeah, ‘course they were, yeah, yeah… we all know this. But Gregg turned me on to Robert Baer’s books. And some crazy article I must have missed on Salon quotes him quite a bit. An interesting read.

It’s still before midnight, so Happy April Fools’ Day. Not that it really means anything. Fuck all… missed it by 16 seconds.