Encryption: Super Secret Email

There’s an excellent article and how-to that covers setting up S/MIME email encryption for Mail.app on Panther over at O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter.

The Derry-Doo and I futzed about with it for a couple of hours at work today, and it’s brilliant. The setup is a tad round-about, but if you follow FJ’s instructions, you won’t fuck it up.

Now, if Apple could make Mail and Keychain Access automatically import PGP sigs, that’d make it even better. I tried to add Gregg’s PGP signature, but couldn’t figure it out. Given that PGP support exists for Panther, it’d only take a decision by Apple to license the technology and drop it in. Or, does Apple think its S/MIME support precludes or otherwise demotes PGP’s importance?

Regardless of the failed effort and open PGP questions, Panther makes signing and encrypting email via S/MIME almost completely transparent. It’s a very elegant implementation, and I’m totally impressed. So’s The Derry-Doo, as far as she told me.

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