Artistic Zealotry should be an Oxymoron

To He of the Heretofore Unveiled Surprise Identity: You’re confusing ideology with practicality. Your pitbull masseter is locked on your mind’s own zealotry: All true design is original.

Art is defined solely by the artist, and nobody can say otherwise; it’s just like religion. This I give you. But how can you apply your own religion to others? Are you on some sort of crusade to rid the world of perceived copyright violations?

If you’re going to deign to post comments to EJB’s website, and discuss (or denigrate) the level of discourse, then I suggest you take time away from your academic pursuits and join the real fucking world. Where the rest of us live, those people with “a good eye” have the ability to hone the craft of design, yet comply with copyright laws, regardless of artistic purity (or lack thereof), and everyone comes out happy.

One thing to remember w/r/t text-based interaction: There is no inflection. What you type is what we see, and there’s no room for interpretation. Your words must stand on their own, without implication. As an academic, I would hope you’d understand this concept, and avoid using it as a tool in your own defense.

Why not show us all your virgin designs? If only to prove your point. Who knows? We might all kowtow to your artistic purity and join the cult.

Apologies to Erik for taking the pussy’s bait.

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