The Lightning have lost four of their last five games (their game against Toronto just started, it can only get worse)… two of those losses came against the Islanders. It looks like the Isles pretty much have a lock on the 8th spot in the East. So, provided that the Bolts can hang on to the #1 spot in the East (unlikely), they’ll end up playing the Islanders in the first round.

Yokes switched the Bolts playoff tickets to the second round because of my previous committments to Fear Factory et al (thanks again, bro).

I hope my beloved Lightning will make it that far.

Update: Bolts spanked the LeaVES 7-2, but the Islanders, Bruins, Devils and Flyers also won tonight. No less precarious.


One thought on “Precarious

  1. You’re welcome! Go Bolts!

    7-2?? Holy shit. That’s embarrassing. That’s probably the same number of total goals the Lightning scored on Toronto when they had that losing streak.

    Unfortunately, Toronto is falling back into its familiar pattern.. forgetting how to play the damn game after the all-star break.

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