It’s Only the Beginning, I Fear

I tried to write this whole thing about… something… but it’s all so vexing. And, I don’t know where to start, where it will all lead me, or how to finish.

I’m at a loss. Am I going crazy?

The Foof (apologies, but that’s your anonymous name now) has told me time and time again that she only posts comments to MMH to further the conversation… to make me think more… to make me address real issues instead of hockey and/or metal bullshit. At least, that’s the way I take it. And I love her for it. She’s very kind to me… in that she knows me better than I let most people… but she never holds it against me. She also redefines gorgeous.

So, I’m taking her bait again, and running with it. Let’s talk about censorship (er… I mean “decency”) in the media, shall we?

While my initial, knee-jerk-conservative reaction is to say that Howard Stern is right… that (w) is the root of all evil… I agree with The Foof and her sister (the Bike Crash Homey). Stern’s missing the point.

This whole storm swell to “clean up” what we see and hear isn’t just puppet-boy (w) and The Administration’s appeasement of the Religious Wrong to garner votes in November. It’s definitely that, but it will ultimately go back to a type of cyclical morality that only progresses to redefine “morality”.

While some people say that American society is, thankfully, God’s witness to a resurgency of Christian morals (read: virginity) in today’s youth, healthcare studies show that kids are still licking, sucking, or fucking their brains out, as they have for generations, but are unaware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s fucked up.

Is that because of Stern or HBO? Let’s defer to the Magic 8-Ball… *shake shake*… not fucking likely. It’s because of the type of head-in-the-sand provinciality and perpetual victimhood that plagues us all in one way or another.

I’ve got so much going on in my head right now that I can’t even begin to address religion, freedom, or politics.

I doubt my sanity at times. Especially right now.


One thought on “It’s Only the Beginning, I Fear

  1. I did not bait you. I am an American who is amazed by the actions of my country. I know we live in the land of liberty but it seems those liberties are becoming limited or fuzzy. When is it going to stop and when are people going to take personal responsibility?

    We are becoming a country that is asking our government to raise our kids and define for us what our ďmoralityĒ should be. Itís not as small as Janetís boob itís much larger then that. Its taking baby steps and it doesnít seem to be stopping. We swat at it and then get used to it. Every day it moves forward. Things like ďDonít ask donít tellĒ. We are the most powerful nation in the world a yet we make a policy about homosexuals that says we are embarrassed and weak. Risk your life for our civil liberties but if you are gay and you donít keep it a secret you donít have the right to keep the medals you earned, partake in marriage or civil union, adoption children in certain states, visit your sick partner in a hospital or insure your partner with health benefits. Why are we standing in judgment on this person Ė because someoneís god considers this deviant behavior? What happened to separation of church and state?

    The homosexual argument is the easiest because itís more in our face. The subtle stuff bothers me as much. Things like taking sex education out of the classroom and teaching celibacy. Every study tells us that teaching about STD doesnít in courage sexual activity it encourages safe sex but lets teach celibacy instead.

    Janet Jacksonís boob presented the perfect opening to a conversation with your kids about sex, stupidity, abuse, personal accountability, respect for yourself and others and any of the topics you need to talk to your kids about. But instead she was blackballed and admonished. Justin who was a partner in the event was considered duped. The government has to step in to protect Justin and us.

    Everyday there is something new. Everyone says itís because of Clintonís behavior. I am a moderate. I think while what Clinton did was wrong, fucking an employee and lying about it, it wasnít my business until he lied about. It was Hilaryís business and then he made it so much more. When Clinton said it wasnít sex and that is why he wasnít lying it made him a fool and our country foolish.

    Bush is religious. He has a great faith in Christianity. I admire that devotion to a religion. I donít believe it has to become mine. When Bush insists on standing in judgment of people based on his faith then he is fool and makes our country foolish.

    We have moved from the President who thought only of himself to a President who thinks only of Christianity and how he can sell it to us or force it on us. Meanwhile American becomes weaker and looks more ineffective.

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