A Different Kinda’ Money Grab?

This c|net story tells us how the propagating FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) wave of SCO’s legal boondoggle has sprouted a couple of new-ish consulting firms that are trying to make money from companies that use open-source software.

While part of me thinks they’re just fuckers preying off the FUD ripple, another part thinks, “That’s pretty fucking smart.”

I gather that most people who are paying attention to the progress of the SCO money grab (granted, most regular people don’t give a shit) are just waiting for it to play out in the courtrooms, regardless of their opinions surrounding the merits of the SCO lawsuits. The people who keep at least a pinky finger on the pulse of the litigation aren’t the people from whom these companies will profit.

It’s the people that get blindsided. These are the corporate lawyers, or anyone middle-management and up in the corporate pecking order… who don’t have the information they need to make a rational decision. They’re the ripest FUD targets of all. “What?! We use Linux?!”

I concede that a huge company which relies heavily upon open-source software (especially Linux) will probably look at the risk of SCO actually winning one of the lawsuits, and choose to hedge their bets. It’s the “what if SCO wins?” FUD that will ultimately pay the people at OSRM and Black Duck.

These two companies, and surely more to come, are definitely filling a void in Corporate America. But, I question their motivation(s). If SCO wins all their lawsuits, and you don’t have the “insurance” they offer, then it’s too late for you anyway… you should have hired us beforehand. Thanks for playing. Alternately, if SCO loses all their lawsuits… thanks for all the consulting fees and insurance premiums, you pussy.

I guess you don’t have to take sides if you can make money.