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Now in heavy rotation: Damageplan’s “New Found Power” and In Flames’ “Colony”, both mentioned by The Secretary of The Hardcore (Doug) in a comment after I posted, “I’m just not feeling it” about the former.

Damageplan :: New Found Power :: Much better than I could have ever imagined from the 30s snippets offered by iTMS. Two guys from Pantera (not Phil, you do the research) have a new band, and they’re kickin’ serious ass. For the Google-lazy, here’s a hint: this is good, all-around, heavy shit, with the guitar and drums work we all loved from Pantera. I don’t have a truly-favorite song from the CD yet, but “Fuck You” is leading the pack.

In Flames :: Colony :: This one was released in 1999, if Amazon’s not full of shit. Doug says this is one of his favorites, and I can see why. Amazing guitar work. Even if it’s “highly technical”, these guys know how to write good songs that are hooky, catchy, and generally bad-muhfuckin-ass. As far as Swedish hardcore goes, I still haven’t bought the Soilwork CD that I said I would, but chances are that “Colony” will get far more play in the course of my life than anything from Soilwork.

Remembering Never :: women and children die first :: This past weekend, we’re at the record store, and Doug picks up a CD brandishing a sticker claiming:

This is Furious, Relentless Hardcore

For fans of Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, From Autumn to Ashes and Terror

So I bought it. You shouldn’t… unless you enjoy frequent and random tempo changes, unnecessary chugga-chug breakdowns (part of the aforementioned), and gratuitously disonant guitar shrieks in every song. Speaking of Pantera (weren’t we?), the only good thing about this CD is RN’s cover of “Strength Beyond Strength” as the hidden track. It’s fucking awesome, and worth the $13 I paid for the disc.


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  1. To add to the meat-space shopping spree… while in that record store, I picked up Dirty Rig and the newest Skrape (Not to mention the first season of Chappelle Show on DVD).

    The 6 songs on the Dirty Rig CD are worth the $12 I paid, and the newest offering from Skrape (Up The Dose), is growing on me. I haven’t had a chance to check out the bonus 3 video DVD that came with the Dirty Rig CD, but I’m sure It’ll be awsome once my living room is back in tact. For now, those two CD’s have been providing me with plenty of entertainment while remodeling my kitchen.

    By the way… the Chappell Show DVD… you can’t go wrong there. Just waitin on the second season.

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