Shitty Day

The still-barely-NHL-leading Tampa Bay Lightning tied the NHL’s penultimate team tonight after a late, 3rd-period goal by Modin. That’s the only good thing that happened today.

I’m pissed about a ton of things, but most of them are my fault, so I’ll just stew for now. If you know me, then you know that’s what I do.

Bolts = yay.


3 thoughts on “Shitty Day

  1. Can’t believe you failed to mention that that tie clinched the Southeast Division for the Lightning, making them, ahem “Back to Back Southeast Division Champions!”

    If you’re nice, I’ll let you borrow my “Back to Back Southeast Division Champions” Capitals T-shirt and you can just tape a Bolts logo over the Caps logo! ;-)


  2. Ah, and one more thing that should make you happy; Robert Lang will be out for 3 weeks with a rib injury, so it looks like Midget will win the scoring race as well. Dammit.

    Catherine :-)

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