To the Haters and Blasphemers

Update 3/3/04
“Ms. Crabapple, Chris is copying my paper!” Not that I mind… he’s no hater.

Looking at the state of the league, the Southeast Division Champion Tampa Bay Lightning are two points behind the “best team in the league”. Ottawa and Philly have 84 points, Detroit has 83, and the Bolts have 82 (along with Toronto, Boston and Colorado).

People are always bitching about how the Southeast Division is the weakest in the league (I agree), so that the Lightning won it last year and enjoys a commanding lead over it so far this year… is no big deal. That’s a farce.

Pick your favorite Division:

Atlantic: Bolts in 2nd, two points back from Philly with two games in hand.
Northeast: Bolts tied in 2nd, one point back from Ottawa w/ one game in hand, tied with Toronto and Boston w/ two games in hand on both.
Southeast: Bolts in 1st, 20 points ahead of the 2nd place Stinkin’ Panthers.
Central: Bolts in 2nd, one point behind Detroit, games even.
Northwest: Bolts tied for 1st w/ Colorado, games even.
Pacific: Bolts in 1st, 3 points ahead of the Sharks, games even.

How’s your favorite team doing? Even if you can answer “better than the Bolts” or “same as the Bolts”, fact remains that the Lightning are barking up your tree. So don’t hate, recognize.


2 thoughts on “To the Haters and Blasphemers

  1. speaking of haters, i know you don’t hate me any more, you dork :p

    you still suck though =)

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