EA Sports’ NHL 2001

Game 1
Who: Bob vs. Gary
Teams: Wings vs. Bolts
Power Rankings: 90 vs. 69
Result: Bolts win 10-9 in overtime after being down 8-4 in the second period.

Game 2
Who: Jack vs. Gary
Teams: Penguins vs. Bolts
Power Rankings: 76 vs. 69
Result: Bolts win 13-5, only because the Pens scored a sloppy goal from behind the blue line, and Lecavalier drew the ensuing face-off so hard it went into the net on Cloutier. If not for that, 13-3. Jack/Pens scored the first goal w/in 10 seconds, and led the game 2-0 after the first. Then again, Lecavalier scored short-handed during a five-on-three.

Game 3
Who: Jack vs. Gary
Teams: Penguins vs. Bolts
Power Rankings: 76 vs. 69
Result: Jack wanted a rematch, and put the “advantage” parameter up two notches. His prediction was a final score of 10-7, my win. Final score: 8-1 Bolts. Poor kid.

Oh, yeah… did I mention that, in real life, the Lightning beat the Caps in Tampa 4-2 tonight? Modin was great, and Martin St. Louis extended his domination. Empty-netter, whatever.

That rhymes.


4 thoughts on “EA Sports’ NHL 2001

  1. Well, I certainly hope Tampa would beat the Bondra-less, Jagr-less, Lang-less (i.e. basically an AHL team) Caps! Our scrappy boys hung in there until pretty late though, and Tampa got a lucky bounce. And domination via empty netter? Sure . . . ;-) I hope Lang can tear it up in Detroit and keep fucking midget from winning the scoring title! ;-)

    Catherine :-)

  2. NHL 2001 is a great game, it makes really fun to play with it. ;)
    BUT 2004 what the hell is that? This has got a perfect team-managing and thats all, You know in the game you have no overfiew there, too many buttoms you have to use and no suites to each other, it really makes noooooo fun.
    Specially when i think when i play with my cusin nhl 2001 !!! last season on all-star 1010 goals
    (with carolina), in nhl 2004 1 season = 0 goals!!
    Very boring, so sorry guys that was a bad work.

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