Obscenely Convenient?

Basically, send an email to [someone’s phone number]@teleflip.com. If they can receive text messages on their cell phone, your work is done. I tested it tonight, and my text message arrived within 15 seconds of clicking “Send”. That’s fucking cool.

But… it could end up being a bridge walked by your run-of-the-mill spammer to get his offers of penis enlargement pills in front of your eyes… on your phone. Comments on Mike’s page seem to point to this prospect.

That would suck. What would suck even more is if I just added my cellphone number to the list of spammable “teleflip” email addresses. That would suck even fuckin’ worse!

Tread lightly, use at your discretion. Your actual mileage may vary.

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One thought on “Obscenely Convenient?

  1. I think I’ve made my thoughts on SMS spam, and those that do it, very clear. Thankfully none yet on the new phones, though.

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