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Court OKs denial of divinity scholarships [Salon] [Yahoo!]
My first reaction was that this Washington state Supreme Court ruling took the separation of church and state too far (thinking maybe it dealt with private scholarship money used at state institutions). But, after actually reading the article, and given that it deals only with tax-payer funded scholarships, I think it’s spot on. If only that fucktard (w) understood the concept.

Court cancels Roe vs. Wade consideration [Salon] [Yahoo!]
I wrote about Norma McCorvey’s crusade to reverse Roe v. Wade back in June (she was “Roe”). The article basically says that the legal proceedings are ongoing. It hasn’t been quashed yet, and that only means it’s getting closer to the U.S. Supreme Court.

9/11 panel urges Rice to testify publicly [Salon] [Yahoo!]
Same goes for (w) & Cheney (who may not even testify in front of the whole panel, pussies), Clinton & Gore. While I think everyone’s testimony should be made available to the public in toto, maybe they’ll all forget to lie if the FOX News cameras aren’t thrust in their faces at the moment of “truth”. Then again, probably not.


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  1. Testify? Under oath? It will never happen, unfortunately. I would love it if a new law could be passed that everything a politician said in the course of their duties was under oath.

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