Caps Trade Bondra

My friend, Joe D., has been talking about the Bondra trade for over two weeks now. Well, he was right, as Peter Bondra got traded to the Ottawa Senators earlier today. Hopefully, Joe’s prediction that the Caps re-sign him as a free agent this summer will come true. Even if there’s a lockout.

But, for now, it’s a sad day for us Caps fans. Lightning rule!

2 thoughts on “Caps Trade Bondra

  1. Very sad day indeed. You just had to watch Sportsnite and see Bondra all choked up and unable to continue speaking to realize just how sad for everyone involved.

    Word out of Ottawa is that the Sens have picked up his option for next season, so likely he won’t be back. I still hold out hope that he’ll come back at the very end of his career and retire as a Cap, but I won’t hold my breath.

    A new era of Caps’ hockey has begun, and unfortunately for Caps’ fans, it’s looking to be a lot like the Tampa of the 90’s era. Ick!

    Catherine :-(

  2. Sad? I’ll tell you what’s sad. The Avs getting their asses handed to them by Edmonton. At home. The only good thing about last night was seeing Worrell throw down with Laraque.

    Bondra is a great skater. If I were a Cap fan, I would be sad. Not sad like when Forsberg retires to go play in Sweeden next year but sad like Selanne and Kariya only signing one year contracts.

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