New Music and Old

Looking to the left, you’ll be happy to note that your mom has been taken out of heavy rotation. Note to Alex: our mom was implicitly immune to the pun.

You’ll also note Hatebreed‘s latest. I have their prior two releases, “Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire” and “Perseverance”… and they both led me to once utter, “yeah, you’ve heard one Hatebreed song, and you’ve heard them all.” Not so with “The Rise of Brutality”, once you get past track one. It’s still the thundering chunk you’ve grown to expect, but without the lyricless chugga-chug repetition that’s unfortunately been their signature. The upshot is that it’s a step away from their “proven” formula, and a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned.

This post would be remiss without another mention of 36 Crazyfists’ upcoming “A Snow Capped Romance”. Download the song “The Heart And The Shape” rye heah</Cartman> It just gets better every time I listen to it.

Doug hinted that I should check out a bit of Damageplan, featuring two ex-Pantera members, without fully recommending it. I hit iTMS and listened to more than a few samples… but I’m just not feeling it.

Finally, I offer forth Swedish band Soilwork. I can’t remember if Doug mentioned them at some point, but Jack’s girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend, Dan, recommended them recently. He described them as “highly technical”, which sounded boring and kinda’ hobbled their chances in my mind. I hit their site earlier tonight (RealPlayer req’d. for samples), and I will be buying “Figure Number Five”. That’s a whole lotta’ thrash.

One thought on “New Music and Old

  1. Would have recommended some Soilwork, but you never seemed very receptive to any of the Carcass tunes I shoved in your ear. I figured since you didn’t like the vocalist, I wouldn’t even bring it up. If you’re going to buy Figure Number Five by, Soilwork… also consider their album, The Chainheart Machine. It’s just a bit better and a little harder.

    Also, since we’re on this “type” of band… check out In Flames album, Colony (one of my personal favorites), and Avenged Sevenfold’s album, “Walking the Fallen”.

    As for Damageplan… I hated it at first, but I thought, “Fuck it… It’s Dimebag, right?”. Listened to it over and over again, and now it’s one of my most played cd’s throughout the work day. You didn’t like Superjoint at first, but then I made you take a closer listen (and seeing them live also helped a bit too). It will grow on you if you let it. You may have been as stubborn as I…expecting a Pantera-ish production and condemning it right away. Just take a few more listens

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