Hockey! Yay.

The Southeast Division Champion Tampa Bay Lightning are hosting the Philadelphia Flyers at home tonight. Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals are playing the Ottawa Senators at the MCI Center in DC.

I will predict nothing. It usually bites me in the ass.

In related news (or speaking of biting ass), my friend Bob really sucks at NHL 2001 on Playstation2. I’m usually the Lightning (of course), who aren’t ranked that high in the three-year old game. We’re talking scores like 13-3, 15-6, etc. Lately, he’s been getting better, losing to me by thinner margins along the lines of 8-4 or 9-6.

And he actually plays hockey. On ice and everything. Poor, Bob.

Aftermath: Bolts sweep the season series against the Flyers 4-0 by winning 5-2 (18 goals for vs. 8 against, total). Richards and Stillman (a.k.a. Prospal who?) each tally three points, MartyBoy gets his 100th career goal and moves into 4th (a tie?) in scoring for the league… goals, points or both? Dunno yet. Update: Marty is currently 5th in the league in goals (28) and 4th in points (63).

What the fuck is up with Dan Boyle? Some Prince Charming must have kissed this Sleeping Beauty away from the poison apple’s comfy slumber. A goal and an assist tonight after leading the team in ice time. He won’t get the 53 points he had last season, but it seems he might be on his way to shaking off the haze of naptime suckage.

Then, the Caps. Ottawa should have kicked the fuck out of my current hometown boys, but defenseman Gonchar (admit it, a winger who should be traded posthaste) gets a goal. Kolzig continues to be solid in net (47 saves on the night), but lets one in on a powerplay with 5 minutes left in the third. Jason Spezza (foreshadowing) assists on Marian Hossa’s goal to take it into overtime.

A little over a minute in, Brenda Twitt gets a four-minute, double-minor, high-sticking penalty because he’s a fucking punk-ass bitch with no defensive skill of which to speak… where his only reaction to getting beat along the boards by some good puck handling is to flail wildly at the forward’s head with his lumber. At that moment, the overtime period’s remaining time is an Ottawa powerplay, served four-on-three.

A bit later, Spezza takes a (questionable) interference minor, bringing the squads to three apiece, not incl. the goalies. The Caps put on the pressure, and Kolzig stood tall in net as he usually does. End result: a one-one tie, and a lost point for the floundering Capitals.

Hockey. It rules.

2 thoughts on “Hockey! Yay.

  1. I was at the game last night. Great game. Do you want a St. Louis autographed allstar game program? I got one for free (and an autographed hat.. i’m keeping that one) and have no use for it. Sorry to say though, that the Bolts will be beat down again by the Leafs next week (with me in attendance again). :-)

  2. Sean: Fucks yes I want the Marty program.

    But, as a hockey fan first and foremost, you *MUST* agree with me that the icing call was a fucking farce. As a “Leaves” fan, though… I can understand your smugness.

    Consider, however, that Tampa’s only six points back with two games in hand. Looking at the last few games, and the goalie situation (Grahame if Booboo gets hurt), you might rescind the offer.

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